Karlie Kloss and America's Olympians

For this Vogue editorial they have paired up America's top Olympians with one of Americas top models (not to be confused with America's next top model), Karlie Kloss. I will always love a photo with Kloss in it, however, there was something about this spread that just wasn't up to Vogues typical standards. There was no connection between the boys and the model. She looks like she was either photoshopped in on top of the guys or thrown in on set to stand beside the player as arm candy. Oh well, at least the clothes look beautiful!
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the golden rose said...

this editorial is so cool. i love seeing sporty women in beautiful gowns. xx sylvie

Prudence and Austere said...

I love the concept of this editorial but you are completely right that there seems to be a disconnect between Karly and the athletes.